ice cream10. Red Velvet Cake

The name alone peaks a dessert lover’s interest. Red velvet cake’s unique, bright color and buttery taste is now available as ice cream. It’s ice cream made of red velvet cake batter, real cake pieces and cream cheese frosting. It’s no surprise that this flavor makes the top ten.

9. Butter Almond

Finally, you can fully entertain your salty sweet cravings with ice cream. It’s smooth vanilla flavor with authentic roasted almonds, real butter and a pinch of salt. Simplicity is often just enough to send your taste buds soaring. Without the theatrics of other flavors this one plays it safe. Butter Almond nails the standard simple joy of dessert. It’s ice cream; cold, sweet and fun with sensational flavor.

8. Rocky Road-ish

The “ish” suffix at the end of rocky road is totally necessary to describe this limited edition flavor. Unlike your typical rocky road composed of chocolate ice cream, marshmallows and nuts, this flavor is actually made of toasted marshmallow ice cream. This flavor is a perfect example of Ben & Jerry of spicing up a classic flavor and making it a knock-out.

7. Americone Dream

If you thought vanilla was the most American of ice cream flavors you haven’t tried Americone Dream. This is truly a waffle sundae into one mind-blowing pint of ice cream. It’s a fun contrast of textures, a surprising crunch of waffle cones, rich caramel and a perfect balance of chocolate. This is a flavor is as red white and blue as our flag. Sweet, heavy and fun. This flavor is worth every second you’ll be spending on the toilet thereafter.

6. Pineapple Coconut

Hard on the coconut and light on the pineapples, virgin please. This flavor brings the genius idea of combining pina colada with ice cream to life. Winter or summer, Pineapple Coconut ice cream takes you away to a Hawaiian island inspired resort. Palm trees sway over crystal clear beach waters, and ukuleles play on your taste buds. For an added level of citrus sensation, introduce your own warm strawberries to this already tropical twister to bring this flavor to a new irresistible level. Who doesn’t like getting pina colada and getting caught in the rain?

5. Imagine Whirled Peace

This isn’t your typical cookies and cream mash up. Imagine Whirled Peace is a tasty a blend of sweet cream ice cream dressed in fudge, caramel and pieces of butter toffee cookies. The cookie’s irresistible chewy texture is what truly makes this flavor a top ten. The milk chocolate clusters that melt on your tongue don’t hurt either. This rare flavor combo isn’t enough to actually cause “world peace,” but it’s a peaceful down payment on happiness in a 16 oz cup

4. Everything But theā€¦

This may be the biggest and baddest roller coaster in the Ice Cream carnival. Geer up for some twists and turns with this number. This is a flavor collision of both vanilla and chocolate ice cream, Heath Crunch Bars, peanut butter crunch, white chocolate chunks and fudge covered almonds. Who knew an ice cream could be so “detailed?

3. Banana Foster

This limited edition flavor is making waves in the ice cream lover community. Its smooth rich flavor is reminiscent of your mom’s original banana pudding recipe. With an authentic banana taste Banana Foster couples vanilla ice cream with real bananas into a warm sauce made of brown sugar, butter, dark rum and banana liquer. Not quite enough liquor to get you drunk, but just enough to give your taste buds a buzz.

2. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Talk about theatrics. With rich chocolate ice cream packed with chewy chunks of real fudge brownie this ice cream is quite an entertainer. If you’ve ever wanted to put on a show for your taste buds this is the flavor to do it? This flavor is the probably closest experience to “I’ve-Died-and-Went-To-Willy- Wonka’s-Chocolate-Factory- Heaven” effect you will ever have in life.

1. White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

An unlikely yet seemingly flawless combination of white chocolate ice cream laced in fudge truffles and an all natural ribbon of raspberry. Unforgettable, unexpected and unparalleled. This is the kind of ice cream you’d want delivered to your doorstep at 1 AM. It is the sophisticated temptress of the ice cream nation. White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is a mouthful of a name and a flavor. Its tangy punch of raspberries almost makes you feel less guilty for indulging in this 310 Calorie snack. After all, fruits are good for you right?

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